Changes to the Altis Life Server (18.02.2014)

– Upload 20:00 (UTC+1/GMT+1/CET)


  • Kavala Market Place Fortifications
  • HWP HQ Fortifications


  • Turtle price from 6000$ to 8000$ – This is not final at all, please tell us in our forum, if the price is in good relation to cocain and other items.

We have now merged our version of Altis Life (3.1.0) with the new version from Tonic (3.1.1).

Here is his change log:

Version 3.1.1: by TAW_Tonic

  • Chop shop system so you can sell vehicles to it (owned or stolen).
  • Progress bars to various actions (Repair, healing, Impounding).
  • Players can no longer remove illegal items when cops are within 100m (prevents disposing of evidence).
  • SQL side cleanup of ‚dead‘ vehicles on each mission-start. This is to clear up a mass amount of vehicles in the DB.


  • You can no longer remove items when inside a vehicle.
  • Spawn Selection Menu changed to a list box, easier to add spawn points and supports purdy icons.
  • life_donator,life_copLevel,life_adminlevel moved to a constant variable (compileFinal) to stop exploits.
  • Other various variables moved to a constant variable (compileFinal).
  • Optimized function life_fnc_nearUnits
  • Moved a lot of functions from server to client (reducing initial bandwidth).
  • Moved a lot of variables / arrays from server to client (reducing initial bandwidth).
  • Updated clothing stores with various new backpacks and glasses.
  • Cop siren lights expanded to hunter & suv.


  • Sometimes killing yourself would revoke your drivers license or firearms license.
  • Sometimes upon death and doing an action would send you to negative cash.
  • Exploitation of the impound vehicle action.
  • Expoitation of the search vehicle action.
  • Exploitation of the search player action.
  • Cop vehicles pulled from the garage couldn’t use siren lights.
  • DMV guy realized that he was half-way in a wall.
  • Oil trader has been told that he is not Chris Angel and is no longer floating.


  • Various old functions carried over since Stratis life on A3 Alpha/Beta (Pre-system rewrite).
  • Being killed by police no longer revokes your rebel license and whatever licenses with it (still there just uncomment it if you liked it).
  • Gcam button removed as it was never implemented.

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