Battle Royale Rules

Our rules are pretty simple: Enjoy your stay and don’t be a dick.

A little bit more detailed:

  • Be nice and respect other players.
  • Zero tolerance to racism/sexism/hate speech.
  • Please use English for communication.
  • You must not spam (chat, mic or MUSIC/HLDJ/SLAM) this also includes posting links.
  • Do not argue with other players on the server. Take this to a private chat.
  • Do not dispute bans/mute/admin decisions in the chat. Take this to a private chat. If you think an admin handled a situtaion wrong please talk to me directly.
  • You can contest a ban on the SourceBans website.
  • Do not sell your credits in public, you can arrange such trades in a private chat.
  • Do not bribe people.
  • No scamming!
  • Do not advertise in general. This also includes communities/websites/gambling sites/etc.
  • If you suspect a player is hacking/exploiting please record a demo and send this file to me or report the player on our SourceBans website.
  • Do not abuse map glitches/bugs. Report them!
  • Teaming & Ghosting are prohibited! Any player doing so will face a ban!
  • Delaying the round (1 vs 1) is not allowed. You may play tactically but do not slow down the round unnecessary.


Our staff team will warn you in most cases that you’re about to break a rule or already did.