Changes to the Altis Life Server (08.03.2014)

– Upload 00:00 (UTC+1/GMT+1/CET)

Today we are finally launching our next version of Altis Life. We made some significant changes, for example the new economy system. Further more we had to merge Tonics new version of Altis life (3.1.2) with our version.

Economy System:

This far a lot of the action in Altis Life took place either in Kavala, at the cocaine or at the salt mine/trader. We want to change that. Therefore we developed a system that switches the prices of each important item on every server restart. Illegal and legal items are handled  separately. You can look up the prices of each item at any ATM under the economy action. With this we hope that the whole island will experience player presents. Any item not on the list still has its regular price. ( This is only effecting the selling price of civilians, cops impound prices stay as usual )


  • Economy System to all ATMs
  • Kavala HQ boat garage
  • New Bank compound
  • Alarm sirens in all police HQs when a bank robbery starts
  • Black MX rifles replacing the standard rifles
  • Bruce Outback Store in Pyrgos
  • Restricted Area warning for civilian when entering


  • Kavala market
  • Kavala police HQ (lights)
  • HW patrol HQ (lights)
  • Rules of Altis Life (Please take a look at the RED colored rules – these are new –
  • Bank location (Neochori)
  • Robbery time has been increased to 20 mins. (Negotiation time increased to 10 mins)
  • Hellcat has no more a thermal vision
  • Senior Patrol officers can not buy MX rifles anymore


  • Cop garage guy in Pyrgos is now immortal
  • Donator weapon shops working again
  • Rebel outpost south east working again
  • Gates at Charkia hospital and bank are now working properly


  • Old bank doesn’t contain any vault anymore



Change log by Tonic:

Altis Life RPG v.3.1.2 Released

Interaction Key: The Interaction key replaces a lot of player-based addActions and also introduces Interaction menu for vehicles & players. This is a huge performance gain over the old addAction based methods. The key by default is binded to Left Control, to change this to a different button Goto Configure->Controls->Custom and bind Use Action 10 to change it. Currently it only supports single keys such as H or 1.
Localization: The system was localized by only 5-12% and did not finish it. Will finish it in 3.1.3 just felt this updated was needed more to be pushed.

If you were a host having issues with new players joining & getting stuck with a black screen then run the following SQL queries, these only need to be ran once AFTER applying the new patch:
UPDATE `players` SET `cop_licenses` = ‚“[]“‚ WHERE `cop_licenses` IS NULL
UPDATE `players` SET `civ_licenses` = ‚“[]“‚ WHERE `civ_licenses` IS NULL
UPDATE `players` SET `civ_gear` = ‚“[]“‚ WHERE `civ_gear` IS NULL
UPDATE `players` SET `cop_gear` = ‚“[]“‚ WHERE `cop_gear` IS NULL

Change Log:
Added: Ability to cancel various actions by moving (S,W,A,D).
Added: Progress bar to the lockpicking action.
Added: Interaction Key replacing addActions (Huge performance gain, read notes about it).
Added: Lockpicks can now be used to uncuff other players.
Added: Cops can now search civilians for licenses only thus getting rid of illegal searches for drugs.
Changed: Cop NPC vendors changed to range master NPC.
Changed: Quadbike no longer requires a driver license to operate/buy.
Changed: This was included in 3.1.1 but not announced, players in jail no longer show on wanted list.
Changed: fn_handleDamage was changed for proper condition checking and prioritization (Should no longer die from tazers).
Changed: Optimized cop markers.
Changed: Optimized view distance checking system.
Changed: Optimized misc functions.
Changed: Cleanup of multiple-server side cleanup functions.
Changed: Vehicle cleanup was bumped to 60-minute cycles.
Changed: Removed server-side dead vehicle & body cleanup. Now uses A3 internal cleanup system.
Fixed: At the chop shop you were able to sell cars near by with people in them.
Fixed: Donator shop didn’t work due to previous patch changes.
Fixed: People could lock/unlock a vehicle when inside it without having the keys.
Fixed: Players could buy regular vehicles without owning the proper license.
Fixed: Some hosts couldn’t handle NULL exceptions thus breaking the initialization for the login (read notes).
Fixed: Missing marker for rebel vehicle spawning.
Fixed: When trying to sell medkits (when full) you got an error saying you were full :\
Fixed: Erorr: No Unit should no longer be saved in the database as the players name.
Fixed: SQL Saving would become broken with charaters such as ‚/\`:|;,“ in the players name.
Fixed: As a cop when picking up illegal items it said $any (even though you did receive the money).
Fixed: Vehicle cleanup didn’t put the permanent vehicle back into the garage.

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