Changes to the Altis Life Server (09.03.2014)

– Upload 20:00 (UTC+1/GMT+1/CET)

Only a few bug- and hotfixes for bugs and issues found after the merge/update to 3.1.2.



  • Civs now get Restricted Area markers at the HQs


  • The Cop Sector Markers are only displayed to cops.
  • ATM near the garage in Kavala rotated 180 degrees. Civilians can now interact with it safely.
  • Gates at Charkia hospital and bank are now working properly but not perfectly (you still have to get out of the vehicle do get them open)


  • Gate at HW Patrol HQ now working again
  • DMV Guy in Athira was missing. New Position, take a look at the marker on the map.
  • Bruce & General Store in Athira now standing correctly.
  • The new Bank Vault is now in the correct place.


  • Random Rifleman from Charkia Hospital (No idea where that guy came from)

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