Latest changes of our Altis Life Server (02.05.2014)

Upload 20:00 (UTC+1/GMT+1/CET)


  • New Police Air HQ – with all police shops (except boat)
  • TCL Flag
  • Chemlights to cop shops – all ranks
  • Added Holo-sight to cop shop senior patrol officer and higher
  • Increased bank funds (Start value is 100k)
  • Increased lottery funds (Start value is 1 Mil)


  • Athira Police HQ
  • Kavala Police HQ
  • Jail layout
  • Restrained message is not shown globally anymore. Only the player who restrained someone sees the message
  • Tonics auto Tickets adjusted to our rules
  • Gun boat Sargent or higher


  • Alarm stops now when bank rob done (successfully or not)
  • Jail doors are no longer open after restart
  • Rewrote „Pullout Players“ function to ensure that civs can not pullout cops if the cop is not restrained. Cops can only pullout civs. Civs can pullout restrained and unrestrained civs.
  • Holstered weapons do not save anymore if a player dies.

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